DOWNLOAD: Super Hip Hop 90s Vol. 1 DJ Set

Cover for the Super Hip Hop 90s DJ Set by Jeff Ramos

A few weeks ago, a fellow Filipino on Twitter told me he was heading back to the Motherland and asked me to make him a 90s hip hop mix for the trip. I was happy to do so. Asides from the 80s, the 90s was my favorite decade of hip hop music.

This DJ set is an hour long.

So much happened in that decade, I don’t think I could have contained everything in one set. While mix sets can be as long as they want, I like to keep mine around the one hour mark. Considering that, I thought it would be best to make a few volumes of this DJ set. The one you’re about to download comes in 3 parts.

Part One is called Coast To Coast. If there was one thing that marked the feel of the 90s hip hop scene it was the “East Coast / West Coast” rap rivalry. Instead of using the songs that were the backdrop for this feud, I decided it would be best to put in tracks that exemplified why each coast was great. I put together a few tracks that I thought were some of the best samples of each side’s offers. Purists will argue that it’s not a complete list, but this is only Volume 1. Relax.

DOWNLOAD: Part One – Coast To Coast

Part Two is titled Collabos and Battles. Getting together is what hip hop is all about. Whether it’s to make a great track with guest rappers or to talk trash about one another, some of the best moments of that decade included more than one emcee. This part of the mix features my favorite rap battle of the decade sandwiched between two of my favorite collaborations of the period. I also threw in two tracks that match the intensity of the theme. (Two parts in and no Biggie and Tupac? Again, remember: It’s only Vol. 1!)

DOWNLOAD: Part Two – Collabos and Battles

Finally, Part Three is Hip Hop and RnB. The decade really embraced the interplay between the two genres and within this portion are some of my favorite get togethers. This portion also features a few singers that are unfortunately no longer with us and I’m happy to pay my respects to them in this mix.

DOWNLOAD: Part Three – Hip Hop and RnB

This is a FREE download and I hope you enjoy it. If you downloaded and enjoyed the music, click the button below and send a donation or check out other ways to support on the Support Page. Your donations help pay for my web space and traffic. It’s also a great way to motivate me to do more. This is Vol. 1 in the series and there’s so much I’ve left out. No Jiggy era? No Busta Rhymes? Biggie vs. Tupac? You know you want to hear those tracks again. Click below, send some love and get ready for Vol. 2 soon!

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